Hi there everyone, you have stumbled upon this page entirely devoted to Napalm Death, my favorite band for a while. I've gathered a lot of informations on it because it's meant to reveal the huge impact this band have had on music up to this day. Unfortunately for you, it's all written in french so if you don't speak it, you'll probably understand nothing. Sorry !

A bit of history...

Back in 1998-1999, I was in contact with a brazilian guy called Joachim Ghirotti who had built an incredible page about Napalm Death : Twisting The Knife (slowly). His site was very good, well written and well documented. That guy really knew and understood the band's essence so I collaborated with him providing picts, infos and the such. Then I had the opportunity to make my own page and it was launched in September, 1999. Of course, I have been heavily influenced by it so the design and the architecture are very similar to it.

So why have I chosen to write in french ?

Basically, it was meant to be a "french version" of Twisting The Knife. You know, french people usually don't speak english - at least none of my friends do - and I thought it would be great to provide them all those useful informations. Plus, I wanted to do something on my own, bring my stone to the wall and I thought I could do it better using french. I had many french interviews / reviews in my archives and it would be hard for me to translate them to english.

I don't think there will ever be an english version because the site has become so huge but you never know... Anyway, you can browse my site and find many great pictures (band, musiciens, live shows and albums) as well as good infos (gigs list). Feel free to download whatever you want and spread the word about Napalm Death. If you have questions or if you need informations / precisions about anything related to the band or if you want to share trivia with me, feel free to contact me at napalmivore@free.fr. Thank you.


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Cheers to everyone who have supported Napalm Death - and still do - You rule !

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