Formed in 1985, and signed to Manic Ears Records after just one gig, Ipswich Punk Metal merchants EXTREME NOISE TERROR achieved a great deal of Pop notoriety by performing on KLF's hit single '3AM Eternal'. The inaugural product would be a split LP with Punk outfit CHAOS UK titled 'Radioactive'. Initially a raw Hardcore outfit EXTREME NOISE TERROR developed through Grindcore into a latter day Death Metal combo.

In the group's formative period NAPALM DEATH drummer Micky Harris could be found on vocals, but would leave during 1987 to form SCORN. The same year the band recorded numerous sessions for Radio One DJ John Peel but suffered other changes in personnel with bassist Jerry Clay leaving to make way for Mark Gardiner. Harris was superseded by ex-DOOM drummer Stig (a.k.a. Tony Dickens) and the band recorded their first full length album 'A Holocaust In Your Head', although Gardiner also departed in favour of Mark Bailey. 1990 found Jones and Firouzbakht guesting on RAW NOISE's 'Sound Of Destruction' single.

Following a tour of Japan ENT recorded their third John Peel session and it was this recording that brought the band's unique sound to the attention of KLF mainman Bill Drummond and the two united to record the hit single '3 AM Eternal'. An album, entitled 'The Black Room', was also recorded but never released. Nevertheless, EXTREME NOISE TERROR had their moment of glory at the 1992 Brit Awards when band members fired blanks from machine guns at the audience.

During 1994 the band lost drummer Stig (who quit to join D.I.R.T.) although his position was filled by original skinbasher Pig Killer. Mark Bailey was also replaced during this period by Lee Barrett, who was also a member of DISGUST.

In early 1997 Vane, who also plied his trade with OPTIMUM WOUND PROFILE, was announced as the new vocalist for NAPALM DEATH supplanting the departed Barney Greenaway. Vane had previously been asked by NAPALM DEATH to fill in for Greenaway on an American tour during 1996 due to Barney's fear of flying! Amazingly, Greenaway was, within days, fronting EXTREME NOISE TERROR! And whilst Vane recorded a split EP with NAPALM DEATH he was soon to return to the TERROR, with Greenaway rejoining NAPALM DEATH, but not before he had laid down vocals for the 'Damage 381' album.

For their Earache tenure the band employed former DECEMBER MOON / CRADLE OF FILTH drummer Was Sarginson although by 2000 he had been supplanted by the 19 year old Zac O'Neil.

Band members put in an appearance on the 2000 RAW NOISE album 'The Terror Continues'. Members of EXTREME NOISE TERROR would also feature in the radical Death Metal band FAILED HUMANITY.

For EXTREME NOISE TERROR's 2001 album 'Being And Nothing' the band shifted to Candlelight Records. CRADLE OF FILTH guitarist Gian Pyres puts in a guest appearance. O'Neil would join the expatriated Chilean Death Metal band CRIMINAL in March of 2002.

Garry Sharpe-Young

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